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I thought that this was a very good documentary.  The whole time you are almost wondering how they knew that this boy was going to accomplish all of the things he had done.  It was almost as if it wasn't a documentary at all.  I thought that Francis was a good person who althought seemed cocky at times knew where his heart belonged.  Although the movie talks a lot about racism, I didn't see a whole lot of it in the movie.  If they could have added a little more conflict it may have been a little more believable. 

Bowling For Columbine

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This movie can cause you to go home and have a lot of stuff to say about a lot of things that have happened in the United States.  As someone who doesn't really keep up with the news, I learned a lot of things in this movie.  This movie was just too long.  I thought that Moore brought up some good points but just did not conclude with anything.  I do believe that what he did at the K-Mart was very important but I do not like the way that he attacked the NRA.  But then again that is just my belief.  If you choose to have a gun in your house and some kid gets a hold of it, that is your fault, not the NRA's.  That is like blaming the government for building roads because you got in a car accident.