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Fatal Attraction

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This is the original suspense thriller about an obsessive lover. Fatal Attraction is different then other thrillers of that sort because Michael Douglas actually does have an affair with the girl who falls for him. So it is not completely innocent. Some of the stunts pulled by Glenn Close are very gruesome and memorable especially the one about the rabbit. These acts lead you to believe how really serious she is. I guess it would be bette if Michael Douglas' life seemed a little more in danger.

Hollow Man

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I thought that this movie was going along pretty good and then sort of lost it a little bit at the end. My suggestion would be that they show how Kevin Bacon slowly starts to lose his mind because of the drug and then he starts to kill them all. He sort of started to kill them because they were going to rat him out. This could have been a great psychological thriller, instead the end of the movie becomes sort of a joke how Kevin Bacon just will not die.

The Gift

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I thought that this movie was much better than I was expecting it to be going in and it had potential to be even better than it was. I thought that the different characters were magnificent. The characters were all very distinct and any of them could have been the killer for one reason or another. I guess the only bad thing about the movie is that the killer was sort of revealed a little too early. A dumb persons choice for the killer and the killer that was too obvious.

Bless the Child

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This is a modern day battle of God vs. the devil. The little girl is the chosen one and has to contrast a cult that has special powers. The thing that I did not like was the ending. The leader of the cult is untouchable the whole movie but when the cops show up at the end he is suddenly powerless. The story had a great idea but like most religious movies it had a bad ending.


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This is a great horror movie for the most part. The thing that makes this horror movie so great is that the whole thing takes place in the jungle where the people are forced to deal with it. It is also a good horror movie because they show you the predator to a bare minimum because you can't see him anyway. This movie is one that you can sort of predict what will happen but there are a lot of good strategic moves to try to stop this predator, not just guns.

Dracula 2000

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This movie did not scare me at all. In fact it was more of an action movie than it was a horror movie. The only somewhat scary parts are in the first 20 minutes before you actually see Dracula. The whole twist about Dracula going back to the crucifixion was a good twist. At the end Dracula makes his peace with God and does not want his daughter to have the same curse that he had to live with so he releases her.

Body Snatchers

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I thought this movie was sort of interesting but not as great of an idea as the original. This is still a freaky movie because for some reason you can see it really happening. I don't know why this is such a believable idea, it shouldn't be. What I thought was good about this movie is that the people who were the body snatchers were not too noticeable. What I didn't like was that it was so hard to leave this little military base but the base is a good touch.


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I thought that his movie filled all my expectations. I had feared that Hannibel Lecter would become too much of a crazed killer. He plays the same role that he plays in Silence of the Lambs. What I didn't like was how Julianne Moore was in the movie. She did not fear Lecter like Foster did. I think this took away from her character. This movie did not have over killing and Anthony Hopkins remains unpredictable. You find out he does actually love Starling.