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I thought that this movie wasn't that bad.  I thought it was a pretty good tale about a boy who is growing up with a crush on the one woman in the town that is the envy and talk of everyone else.  Through all her troubles the boy who doesn't know her is the only one who knows how she really is.  I peeping tom movie but not one that is disturbing but rather enlightening.  Not really too much to the story besides that though.

The Seventh Seal

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This is a movie set during the times of the black death is sweeping through Europe.  This movie is nothing less than a masterpiece.  The actors can really make you feel the turmoil of the times.  This movie takes a deep look into life mixed with slight humor and a strong religious conflict.  A man searches for answers to life as he battles death to a game of chess, which I thought was terribly creative.  As death gets closer more and more answers are exposed.  My favorite scene is when the girl is about to get burned at the stake and they point out her fear of what is to come.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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I thought that this movie was amazing the fight scenes were enchanting and kept your attention. I thought the plot was sort of that of a disney movie but the fighting is what makes this movie truly great. The thing that too many movies are going to nowadays is that the computer is too involved. This movie everything looks real even though most of it is not possible. The one thing that is good about this movie is that the fight scenes are original but not too gruesome. The downside to this movie is that the ending really doesn't make much sense except for whatever you want it to mean.


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This is a pretty good movie about Russia and how communism controlled it the way that it did.  A group of people come over to Russia from France and want to get back but are being watched by the party because they may be spies.  This movie was a movie of love affairs and secrecy.  But it all leads back to one thing and that is a family who wants to get back to France and they have different ideas on how to get there and they need others to help them.  A good tale with some good real life stories and nothing overly heroic.

Brotherhood of the Wolf

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I found that this movie was one of the most splendid movies of the year.  I know that it is hard to say that about a movie with subtitles but the story is very captivating.  I thought that the fighting scenes were excellent.  Sort of like the fighting scenes from the matrix.  Except that it actually looks like the people are somewhat athletic unlike Keanu Reeves.  I also thought that the story sort of resembled a horror story but was not scary.  It was sort of like The Predator meets The Last of the Mohicans.  I especially liked how the French captor of the beast is more of a fighter than earlier revealed.  Almost a mystery type story.